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1Which German Count invented the zeppelin?Count (Von) Zeppelin
2Who was the first president of the USA?George Washington
3Who was the second president of the United States?John Adams
4How many women did Henry VIII have?Six women
5In which city was the Titanic built?Belfast
6What was the name of Napoleon s first wife?Josephine
7Which city became capital of West-Germany in 1949?Bonn
8On which island was Napoleon born?Corsica
9How many children did Queen Victoria have?Nine children
10Which war was ended by the signing the armistice on July 27 th, 1953?The Korean War
11When became Albania an independent country? In 1713, 1813 or 1913?In the year 1913
12Xerxes ruled a great empire around the fifth century BC. Which empire?The Persian empire
13Which French king was called the Sun King?Louis XIV
14What was in England the northern frontier of the Roman Empire?Hadrian s wall
15Which German war criminal was for 21 years the only inmate of Spandau complex?Rudolf Hess
16Who discovered Greenland?Erik de Rode
17Which Mexican rebel was shot in 1923 and died?Pancho Villa
18Which building in Athens was destroyed by a Venetian cannon ball in the 17th century?Parthenon
19What was the name of the Protestant revolution against the domination of the Pope?Reformation
20Who was the first king of Belgium ?Leopold I
21What was the former name of New York?New Amsterdam
22Which country was formerly called Ceylon?Sri Lanka
23What was the Latin name of Paris in Roman times?Lutetia
24Which city was the capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927?Melbourne
25Which country sent its navy around the world to fight the Japanese in 1904?Russia
26In wich year did the world war II end?1945
27Which king of French was called "Saint Louis" ?Louis IX
28What did the romans call Scotland?Caledonia