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What color are often the domes of churches in Russia?Gold colored
In which Spanish city did the Joan Miro museum open in 1975?Barcelona
Which Italian artist painted the Birth of Venus?Botticelli
Who was the original author of Dracula?Bram Stoker
In which city is the famous Manneken Pis fountain?Brussels
Who is the inventor of photography?Daguerre
What is the first book of the Old Testament?Genesis
Who did the Mona Lisa paint?Leonardo Da Vinci
In which English town did Adolf Hitler study art?Liverpool
Which famous French engineer designed two bridges for the city of Porto?Gustave Eiffel
In which city can you see Michelangelo’s David?Florence
What is called the Jewish candlestick with special religious meaning?Menorah
What is the Kabbalah?A System of Jewish Mystical Beliefs
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?Michelangelo
In which country was the famous painter El Greco born?Greece
In which city is the composer Frédéric Chopin buried?Paris
Who did paint the famous painting Guernica?Picasso
In which city did Romeo and Julia live?Verona

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